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Charity Concept

As a keen cyclist who has been tinkering with bikes for over 25 years, I provide a remote bike servicing service that evolved originally over the 'lockdown' period during the Pandemic in 2020.  Depending on the complexity of the job, I charge modest fees for the service.

Additionally, and on a weekly basis, I volunteer for two local foodbanks and provide a sustainable food collection service, carrying up to 200l worth of fresh baked goods or produce around the local area, by bike, 3 times a week. 


On a more relevant note - I will give 15% of any artistic commission to a charity of your choice



Listed below are links to galleries, printmakers and restaurants exhibiting my work:

My printmaking and digital image production/moderation is largely provided by Pennybatch Gallery, a fantastic family run business based in Somerset.

Listed below are the Green Register and Friends of the Earth's website

The link below is to a creative project in the U.S.A involving a group of school children and the creation of log cabins.

Wishing you all the very best and your team of students, with your self-build ambitions and enthusiasm!


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