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I am happy to meet and go on a walking/cycling 'tour' with anyone interested in getting an insight as to my methods of observational drawing.

One of the principle motivations for my becoming an Architect was developed by my love going for outings with my father, Peter Bird, (who passed away in 2010) who was an incredible conservation architect and was responsible for the conservation and restoration of a massive catalogue of hugely important historic buildings (largely in the southwest of England).

It would be my pleasure (for a small time--charge fee) to be able to inspire others as I was once inspired myself by this brilliant man, by offering some kind of guidance (I'm not pretending to be a teacher) as to the tricks that I use in setting up a sketch from life.   

Do feel free to contact by any means and we can discuss setting this up - I am happy to arrange trip around my current location (London, at the moment, with relatively regular trips to Wells, in Somerset) Having said this, I have a quite open mentality to the arrangement of trips around the country, and to accompany small groups (2 or 3) - again, for a negotiated (and affordable) fee.

The first four drawings below were all composed and started 'en plein air' then some extra work was done to them while referencing a photograph.  The following two were completed entirely from life (in a slightly more hospitable environment - a living room...) 

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